Writing a Children’s Book: Part One

So, you probably guessed it by the title.

I’m writing a children’s book. I knew I wanted to write kid’s books for years, but never really knew where to start, nor was I in a position in my life to really sit down, relax, and just write.

But 2020 has brought a lot of…down time. And I decided to fill it as efficiently as possible.

While I already had an idea on how to write the book and what I wanted it to be about, there was one component missing. Illustrations.

I’ve always considered myself an artist. I love to draw. I even picked up a few skills in cartooning. But illustrator was never a name I thought I could add to my list of roles.

But, I did it, I’m doing it, I’m illustrating my children’s book. I’m sure I could have found someone to do the artwork for me…but I wanted to create something that was completely mine. Something that I could look back on and say, “This is my book. I made this.”

Cover for Esi the Elephant
Copyright 2020

I have decided on using the Amazon KDP program to create an ebook. I’ll be releasing the book before Christmas time along with a paperback version. I’ll update my plans as they become more defined. Stay safe and stay tuned!


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