Writing a Children’s Book: Part Two

Well, I did it.

I wrote, I illustrated, I published.

I’ve been dreaming of this moments since I was 4 (Okay, maybe not that young, but pretty dang close). And now that it’s here, it’s surreal.

Esi the Elephant was a project I started in August of 2017 when I worked at a preschool. I read picture book after picture book. And it was usually the same ones over and over again because the children liked the story, the pictures…and being able to predict what was going to happen. It got to the point where I could recite There Was an Old Mummy who Swallowed a Spider from memory.

I knew I could write a children’s book. It wasn’t hard. I’ve been writing stories for as long as I could remember. But it wasn’t the words that I was afraid of. It was the pictures. (Some previews below)

I bought a digital drawing tablet. Not cheap. But a necessity if I was going to learn how to illustrate. My go to medium is digital. Others may find a simple pencil will do just fine.

After three long years of rewriting and pushing the undo button on my drawings. I finally saw my book coming to life, which was scary within itself. Do I really want to share this with the world? What if it’s not good enough?

Step One: The Writing. Check. Step Two: The Illustration. Check.

Step Three: The Publishing.

OMG, this was a learning curve. I decided to go with Kindle Direct Publishing because of its user friendly platform and it was absolutely free to upload my content and publish. Amazon LLC takes their cut when the book is printed and shipped or bought as a Kindle eBook.

Please go check out my publishing debut here: available in eBook and paperback.

Have questions about my process? Contact me!


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