LEGO Marvel CMF: Which am I most excited about?


Come September 1st, 2021, LEGO is giving us a Marvel CMF (Collectable MiniFigures) series. Even though I’ve only seen photos, I already know which ones I’ll be going for once I get the chance. Here is my countdown in the order I want the new figures.

Some spoilers if you haven’t see WandaVision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and the first episode of What If… on Disney Plus.

All photos are from the Lego website. Link below.

#12: Gamora Thanos – From What If…

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Gamora Thanos takes the bottom spot. Nothing about it really stands out to me. Her accessory is okay. The detailing on her torso and legs are good. But overall, not one I’m jumping out of my chair to get.

#11: T’challa Star-Lord – From What If…

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I’ve never been the biggest Black Panther or Star-Lord fan, leading this figure to be in a bottom spot. I’ll be watching the new episode of What If… tonight so maybe my mind will change. I am happy to get a Chadwick Boseman face print!

#10: Monica Rambeau – From WandaVision

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I’ve seen many comments and complaints that Agatha Harkness should have been a figure rather Monica Rambeau. However, I’m hoping she will get her moment in a second series of Marvel CMFs. Overall, Monica’s figure is quite plain – but one great aspect is the hair. This is a good step towards more hair pieces that will fit African American inspired figures. Monica as a figure means that kids and adults alike will have a Black Super Woman on their shelves and that is enough for me.

#9: Bucky Barnes – From The Falcon and Winter Soldier

Bucky Barnes is a great figure. He would be much better without the Captain America shield. We are already getting a shield with Sam Wilson Captain America, Zombie Captain America, and Captain Carter (although this one differs in design). I feel like Bucky really didn’t need one. None-the-less, there are probably some who are excited to get an extra shield for their own customizations.

#8: Sam Wilson Captain America – From the Falcon and Winter Soldier

Sam Wilson started as a very underrated character in the MCU. But he has developed into a duo Falcon and Captain America and I’m living for it. These wings alone and fabulous. No complaints.

#7: White Vision – From WandaVision

I would have much rather had the Vision that both Wanda and the world fell in love with. But we got the Vision we see for five minutes in the last episode of WandaVision. How am I supposed to make a MOC of them in a quaint Westview home??? Guess I’ll have to find a Vision from another set. Still a very cool looking figure though.

#6: Loki and Throg – From Loki

This is a figure of Tom Hiddleston with his pet frog. No…it’s Loki with Throg. I’m excited for this figure. He has such a casual feel. I can see putting him at a desk with his mug and using some infinity stones as paper weights.

#5: Zombie Hunter Spiderman – From What If…

Spiderman is my favorite Marvel hero of all time and I love having different Spiderman figures. This has to be one of my favorite ones. Spiderman is great and I have absolutely no complaints.

#4: Captain Carter – From What If…

I wasn’t sure about Captain Carter, but after seeing the first episode of What If… I am in love with this character. Such a great figure to get for those who live in Great Britain or other anglophiles.

#3: Sylvie and Croki – From Loki

Sylvie is my favorite Loki variant thus far. You also get Croki with her. Many are split on Lego’s decision to not give him horns. Maybe one day we can get the headpiece that can attach to the stud on his top.

#2: Wanda Maximoff Scarlet Witch – From WandaVision

I’m a huge fan of Wanda and Elizabeth Olsen. I already have the one that came with the Endgame Final Battle set – however, her power pieces were…pink. She’s the Scarlet Witch. And this is the Wanda that has grown after Endgame so I’m ready to get her in my collection.

#1: Zombie Captain America – From What If…

And my number one pick is Zombie Captain America. There is an argument of there being way too many shields and this was one of the figures that could have been changed to Zombie Iron Man or Zombie Thor. But I feel like this one was the best choice. Falcon needed to be in the set, his name is the Disney Plus show. If anything, Bucky should not have shield. Having read some of the comics with zombie Cap, I’m excited for this is a figure and ready for the story line in a MCU show.


Who are you most excited to add to your collection?


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