8 LEGO Sets I’m Buying New Years Day 2022

With a brand new year comes brand new LEGO. I picked the 8 sets I am most excited to get my hands on. This is just my opinion – some sets you like might not be on here and some you don’t like might be on here. But we can both agree that LEGO has a special place in our hearts, and wallets.

#8: 40540 Lion Dance Guy – $9.99 USD


I’m obsessed with the Brickheaz theme. The head design is so unique that I can’t pass on this cute little guy.

#7: 31129 Majestic Tiger – $49.99 USD


Tiger being my favorite animal, this is a must buy. The design is remarkable looking, especially the tail. Being a 3-in-1, it can also be made into a red panda or koi fish.

#6: 40539 Ahsoka Tano – $9.99 USD


I have recenetly gotten more into Star Wars and this cute Ahsoka will make a great addition to my collection.

#5: 75322 Lego Star Wars Hoth AT-ST – $49.99 USD


Again, Star Wars sets have become more of an interest to me. This is a reasonably priced set and a good size. I can’t wait to build this one.

#4: 71397 Luigi’s Mansion Lab and Poltergust Expansion Set – $29.99 USD


There are two highlights to this set that make it a must buy for me. Number one: Dr. E Gad is SO CUTE! Number Two: The poltergust. From what I have read, it actually makes the vacuum noise.

#3: 40518 High-Speed Train – $19.99 USD


I was able to collect set 60197 Passenger Train and I love it. Though this train is much smaller, it is still a fabulous looking train that could fit into a small city. And the price makes it even more irrisistable.

#2: 76205 Gargantos Showdown – $29.99 USD


I might just be another extreme Marvel fan ready for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (yes, I am) – but this set comes next on my list becuase of a minifigure: America Chavez. This is the first time we are getting the MCU Ms. Marvel. She will undoubtingly be present in future sets due to being in the next Doctor Strange film and her own series on Disney+.

#1: 10297 Boutique Hotel – $199.99 USD


I recently decided that with the new year, I’d like to start investing into the modular buildings. What a great time too becuase a new one launches January 1st. The Boutique Hotel is celebrating 15 years of modular buildings. I have always been facinated by hotels and I’m excited to build this.

Have a wonderful New Year, may 2022 bring us HEALTH, HAPPINESS, and LEGO.

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