I am PSYCHED for these Lego Sets!

If you are looking to pick up some of these sets, please consider using my affiliate link:

LEGO Brand Retail

76202 Wolverine Mech Armor

There are currently only 3 Wolverine Minifigures in existence. This new mech will give collectors an opportunity to get their hands on a Wolverine. Fingers crossed we get more X-Men sets in the future.

Wolverine Mech Armor

75327 Luke Skywalker (Red Five) Helmet

I have never bought one of the helmet sets. But this Skywalker helmet hits all of the points. It’s got a unique design, insane display quality, and the translucent pieces takes it to the next level. I am just as excited to display this as I am to build it.

Luke Skywalker™ (Red Five) Helmet

76209 Thor’s Hammer

Um…yes! This is what Marvel and AFOL have been waiting for. We have the Iron Man figure, the Infinity Gauntlet, a huge Daily Bugle, the Guardians’ Ship and more, so it makes sense we would finally get Mjollnir. And it opens the door to a wide variety of other Marvel sets we could get in the future.

Thor's Hammer

76956 T. Rex Breakout

With the next Jurassic World movie coming soon, we are throwing it back to the 1993 film that started it all. Jurassic Park is one my favorite film franchises and I will never turn down a chance to get a LEGO built dinosaur. The build, display quality, and play features are all amazing for the price of $99.99 USD.

T. rex Breakout

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