Pokémon Natures Guide

There are a wide variety of natures that the Pokémon you catch can have. These are the personalities they hold and determine their base stats. Natures include Bashful, Docile, Hardy, Quirky, Serious, Gentle, Hasty, Lax, Mild, Brave, Quiet, Relaxed, Sassy, Rash, Lonely, Naughty, or Naïve.

But in this guide, I will cover Adamant, Modest, Jolly, Timid, Impish, Bold, Careful, and Calm. These are my opinions and are based on my experiences. Everyone is free to level up their Pokémon in anyway they see fit. Take my natures guide to point you in the right direction. From there, have fun!

ADAMANT – Physical Attacker

If you are looking for a Pokémon to hit hard with its physical attacks, then Adamant may be the nature for you. Find a partner that packs a punch and level them up until you have a one hit wonder.

Adamant natures have high attack but are low in special attack. This will give you a chance to master some strong physical moves.

MODEST – Special Attacker

Looking for a Pokémon with powerful special moves? Find a Modest natured partner and train them to perfect the moves unique to their style.

Modest natures have a high attack but a low physical attack. Overall, your specialized Pokémon will be super effective in causing status damage.


There are going to be specific pokemon that will start with a base stat of high speed. But you can greater your chances of a higher speed by finding pokemon with Jolly or Timid natures.

Jolly natures are high in speed but low in special attack. On the other hand, Timid natures are high in speed but low in attack. If speed is what you are looking for and don’t mind training your Pokémon in order to level up those attack stats, one of these natures could be for you.

IMPISH & BOLD – Physical Defense

Pokémon battles are not just about who can hit the hardest. Sometimes you need to take a hit – and if your warriors are not equipped with strong defense stats, this can be a KO; causing you to revive and heal over and over again just to win a single battle.

Impish natures are low in special attack but make up for it in their defense. Bold are low in their attack but make for up in their defense. Either of these natures can be a good start in leveling up a Pokémon that may not hit hard but can take a hard hit.

CAREFUL & CALM – Special Defense

Pokémon differentiate between physical and special attacks – so you will want a Pokémon that has strong special defense as well.

Careful natures are low in special attack but are high in special defense. Calm natures are low in their attack but high in special defense. This Pokémon will be key in going up against a hard hitting Pokémon with mastered special moves.


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