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  • Kapp’n Facing Wrong Way? The Quick Fix

    Kapp’n Facing Wrong Way? The Quick Fix

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 updated dropped last week and I haven’t put this many hours into my island since the game’s release in 2020. But one thing seemed off to me. When I went to visit Kapp’n, he didn’t want anything to do with me. Here is the quick fix to this glitch. Take […]

  • Animal Crossing 2.0 is Live

    Animal Crossing 2.0 is Live

    This is not a drill! The Animal Crossing New Horizons 2.0 is availabe earlier than we all expected. Don’t know what to do first? Here are some ideas: Go talk to Blathers: He will ask you to find Brewster on a mystery island. Visit Kapp’n: He will take you to an island. When you find […]

  • ACNH Finally Getting Brewster?!

    ACNH Finally Getting Brewster?!

    Did Nintendo really make us wait almost a full 2 years before giving us what we have wanted this whole time? Yes. Are we still going to enjoy it like no time has passed? Also yes. Since its perfect release date in March of 2020, Animal Crossing New Horizon players have been asking for the […]

  • I’m Starting a YouTube Channel

    For the longest time, I have always wanted to start my own YouTube channel. But what would it be about? I could do art tutorials or just videos of me doing everyday things. But there was never a topic I was so passionate about that I actually took that leap. But I believe I have […]