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  • Pokémon Natures Guide

    Pokémon Natures Guide

    There are a wide variety of natures that the Pokémon you catch can have. These are the personalities they hold and determine their base stats. Natures include Bashful, Docile, Hardy, Quirky, Serious, Gentle, Hasty, Lax, Mild, Brave, Quiet, Relaxed, Sassy, Rash, Lonely, Naughty, or Naïve. But in this guide, I will cover Adamant, Modest, Jolly, […]

  • Pokémon Type Strengths and Weakness Guide

    Pokémon Type Strengths and Weakness Guide

    Picking up Pokémon Legends: Arceus has been the best decision of 2022. Maybe that’s a little dramatic. But I’ve never been so enveloped by a Pokémon game. One of my own weaknesses is understanding and remembering which type of moves should take on other types. So I decided to make my own guide. Use this […]